My song of love is just for you,
Though I'm not sure how to start,
I only know, my darling,
You have become my heart.


You are the essence of my being,
The soul mate of my soul,
We may be two, but we are one,
Two halves that are made whole.


God in all His wisdom,
Picked the time and picked the place,
For us to meet each other,
Eye to eye and face to face.


I cannot measure how I love you,
Though depth and breadth both come to mind,
The height to which you've lifted me,
No way can I define.


I'll whisper words of love to you,
Or, indeed, I'll shout them out,
A gift you are, by grace, to me,
You are the heartbeat of my heart.


I wish that I could give you
Much more than I will take,
That's not possible, my darling,
The scales will not equate.


You are the cause of my existence,
The reason I am here,
I dedicate my song and self,
To you with love, my dear.




The song "Wind Beneath My Wings" was performed by Margi Harrell