Happy Valentine's Day

Special Wishes A Daughter To Have A Happy Valentine's Day

My Daughter when I think of you,
My heart's so full of love.
I know that you were sent to me
As a gift from above.

Sending Love To My Daughter on Valentine's Day

I think of the child you once were,
And though the years go fast,
The days of sweet hugs and kisses,
Are memories that last.

Greeting Card For My Daughter On Valentine's Day

The woman that you've now become,
Just fills my heart with pride.
The love and kindness that you show,
Comes from deep inside.

Special Thank You To My Daughter On Valentine's Day

Thank you for the Daughter you are,
And company you lend.
You are not only my daughter,
But also my friend.


 Valentine Card For My Daughter

Happy Valentine's Day

Special Greeting For My Daughter On Valentine's Day From Llerrah Ecards

Valetine For My Daughter Ecard